Monday, December 18, 2006

mmm I want french toast....

I feel groggy...
Im too fat for mall excursions legs are still sore.
Im 12-8 today....the almost longest feeling shift of the universe.

I need chapstick.

I liked Barb's underwear story...
whats the weirdest gift youve ever received...? I want someone to take the title as WINNER from me....seeing as ive opened all sortsa things from my mother like vaginal douches, tampons, individually wrapped socks, used bo stick, weird thrift store clothing items etc
This year she sent pornographic wrapping paper...and other goodies. I like the porno wrapping paper! Last year she gave me a book on famous ppls funerals...amazing.

Anyway...once xmas is over I get to start thinking about the sprogs birthday that is Feb 1. Gawd help me. I think ill hand her cash and tell her to make the plan herself...gawd knows I wont be allowed near the celebrations being that im SO EMBARRASSING etc.

Im reformatting soon so ive backed up and burned all my goodies then deleted them from the computer so i have no feels strange.
Im excited to reformat....although its a monumental pain in the ASS and sucks far far too much of a day up, esp reinstalling all your programs...but itll be nice, I have a 100 GB drive im using and letting this 40 GB one off the hook....wont have to worry so much about filling up the 100 GB drive for a while...this desktop (flat) PC makes me sad cuz theres no room to add a 2nd drive in which prefer...but ill use it til it croaks then get a stand up one.

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