Sunday, December 17, 2006

Season of Blasphemy

ok im not going near a mall again until WELL after xmas....
Aunty Pam & Cousin Maggie were here shopping this weekend, had a pretty good time considering we seemed to just shop the whole time, that usually drives me into a RAGE but i was pretty mellow...i think the mall air rendered me helpless.
Anyhow had a good visit with the family...lotsa all ym damn gawd forsaken shopping done, just need one more trip to the grocery store and ill be prepped and ready 4 the biggest commercial holiday of the year...

Soke to Brucifer today...all sounds like a go...he will be here the 23rd or 24th...and it looks like the englishman will be hanging around as well...itll piss ayla off but its a little more about the bigger picture this time of year...Ive got bruce whos got uissues with xmas, which makes me wanna have him here so i can distract him, and we always have a fucking blast togehter so itll be FUN...and the englishman has no family in canada and his daughters live in vancouver so whatever time over xmas he is around and not over there then he is welcome to hang with us degenerate blasphemous pricks...

Everyone give a YAY KAILA! to Kaila at work who left her idiot boyfriend today after he nearly strangled her poor cat to death in a drunken rage.

She packed up her shit while the piece of shit was at work and is gunna buy that girl some chocolate!
Survivor Finale was cool...I was kinda going for the Oz Meister, strictly due to previous financial standing...but Yul was groovy too not bummed or anything...this is the 1st time i havent been pissed off about the winner.
My landlady called me today-
Her: were u vacuuming last night at 1130??

Me: no it was the ppl across the hall from me

Her: (snottily) ohhh realllllly vacuuming at 1130...

Me: maybe they just needed to quickly clean a mess up or something

Her: well her son was removed from the apt by the police at 10 pm

Me: well then possibly he went out with a hissy fit and she had to clean up after him

Her: well still thats so no necessary
Im thinking LADY SHUT YER FUCKING YAP AND GET A LIFE. My it THAT big of a deal? Does it really mean u gotta phone around and find out who was vacuuming? Fuck.

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