Monday, December 18, 2006

Sluggish & Ready 4 a Poke

I am a slug. I moved really slow today...
Hey doesn't that leaf remind u of a penis? all Veiny?
Anyhow....I just realized tonight my Dr appt is actually TOMORROW at 9 am not Thursday so I am ever so unimpressed with the impending doom of getting buck naked under a fluorescent light and having a Dr poke around my crotch (and not in a good way), and then adding the extra torture of checking my mashed potato tits for tumors and shit...then she will check me out all over but by this time my spirit has left my body and I'm making VERY inappropriate jokes due to being very uncomfortable. It is the type of thing that makes me insane and ruins my whole fucking day, even if it is 4 the greater good.
I've endured worse...I gave birth in the middle of a hospital shift change after all...I've had all sorta ppl check out my hooch who were uninvited. (oh that sounds dirty)
Tomorrow night Margaret and her son Brendan will be over for a sushi dinner. Should be good and mellow...Brendan is Ayla's age, should be interesting...if Ayla acts like an ass I'm taking one of the Xmas presents I bought her back.
Ayla and her girlfriend Dylan made the gingerbread house I bought after school....for 2 kids who were just too uber cool to dig something so stupid they sure made a fuck of a mess...there are sprinkles all over the damn dining room...I'm glad they did it anyhow...
Matt Good has comments back up (although i suspect it will be short lived)...I think he is a real sucker 4 punishment...I dunno why on earth he bothers...I'm starting to think he gets a little bit of a boner from all the conflict...? I am not sure though, I dunno the guy. I am enjoying all his ex-wife digs that guy can talk some good shit w/ grand writing skills so it is pleasing to the ear yet barbed like nothing you've ever seen. I still hope the skank reads the blog...muhahahhaahhahahahahah
Got a grand Xmas card from Australia today...the guy who got away send a picture of him and his wife's new baby....pretty cute 4 a boy! ha! Also got Barb's BORAT Soundtrack and card in the mail today hahahahah I put the cd on w/o warning Ayla and she was beyond mystified why anyone would find it entertaining...this coming from a girl who listens to hip hop pop crap. Hmmmfff
Finger Eleven's new tune Paralyzer
go listen if you haven't heard it...I like it, its kinda dirty...

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