Friday, January 12, 2007

death ~ taxes ~ ingrates ~ whining

Yesterday I had to wear my skookum shoes in order to not wipe out in the snow on the way to work, which are not all that great for standing for 8 hrs so by the time i got home last night i was crippled, and woke up crippled this morning.

Today is payday and i just examined my paystub and JESUSfarkingCHRIST...Ive been put into a different tax bracket or some such shit b/c now I pay 50.00 more in taxes PLUS another 40.00 for this stupid pension plan i signed up 4, NOT KNOWING id already be looking 50.00 in taxes so Ive now lost 90.00 per pay chq....not much to some but that hurt my feelings a lot....its more than my whole CABLE BILL PAYMENT per month!!!! now its like im paying 2 $150.00 cable bills...Ummmmmm im sorry THAT DOESNT WORK 4 ME!

So im very bitter...more bitter than you will ever know b/c now my chqs are bumped BACK down to an amount i dont feel very good about.

Im calling HR today to see about this tax bracket business....

Now im depressed...that along with my ingrate child who - for some odd reason - has decided she would rather DIE than attend and 45.00 gift cert. make up appt at the Mac Counter @ the Bay that I got her 4 xmas. That was a waste of fucking money. I keep telling her ITS 45.00 WORTH OF PRODUCT and they give u make up tips not to look like Courtney Love....what could be better that free make up? Nope. It makes her UNCOMFORTABLE she says. So im gunna mortify her more thoroughly by changing the Sat. appt to Sunday and I will take her there myself since shes such a big baby about it. I pegged the whole thing wring, i really thought she would dig it, take a fruend, giggle etc. Nope.

I have to keep reminding myself shes 12....mainly so i dont beat her to death.
She turns 13 Feb 1 and its gunna be REALLY low key....I mean REALLY....I know 13 is a milestone of sorts wont change shit all around here...she will keep treating everyone around her like garbage and im not about to celebrate that.

Im glad she was born and all not going gangbusters....her expectation level is stupidly extreme and no matter what happens she will be unsatisfied so...why try too hard?

{can u tell parenting is really turning my crank these days?}
EDIT: turns out HR reverts everyone in January back to the BASIC amounts for taxes and if you want it changed you have to request it. Ugh. So I will be.

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