Sunday, January 14, 2007

Off with your lips Mr. Chatty Fucktard...

old and crippled, that's me.
the skookum shoes are taking a toll, while i don't fall on my face getting to work, the 8 hrs of standing in these shoes has rendered me gibbled. yes i could very well carry good shoes to work and wear those but...I'm dumb.

the snow seems to be melting at least...last night after work it was slushy-ish. yay

today is Mac Make Up Counter day...ayla is still unthrilled but due to some bargaining yesterday i managed to scam her to use the xmas GC and keep the appt for today AND go to an IMAX movie with me MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (if shes reading this right now u can bet shes thinking of ways to stab me in my sleep)
fuck, i wish my mom ever wanted to spend time with me...tough life hey? i should remind ayla about the presents i got as a teen under the tree from my mom...tampons...douches....etc.

oh it wont matter, she will still think I'm lame.

i am terms of pop culture...even though all of us here know I'M COOL...I'm not 13 yr old like to punch paris hilton in that horse face of hers rather than go shopping with rather blow up all the crap whore-ish hip hop music out there with girls shaking there assets all over tv, making young ppl think that's how females are supposed to act/dress/look....etc. on and on it goes.

I don't blame Oprah for opening that 40 million dollar girls school in Africa...her reasoning makes perfect sense to me...western kids DO have a sense of entitlement emanating from them, western kids (not to generalize but...a portion) would not appreciate what she was trying to do in the same way as actual *POOR* kids from Africa...

I also don't buy that whole *deal with home 1st* argument (for the record, the ppl that say that shit are never standing in a homeless shelter giving out food or volunteering their time like they expect Oprah to do)...its not like she took 40 million and opened up McDonald's in Africa...she did an amazing thing....she gives a lot of her loot away, in the US as well, I'm not sure why ppl think she cant spend her own $ how she wants to... I have no idea why I'm talking about Oprah at 7 am Sunday morning...i hope I'm still asleep.

I had a customer yesterday...lets call him Peter. Ive been dealing with his ONGOING for the last week...hes one of those *I never shut up long enough for anyone to get a word in edgewise to explain anything to me, then I keep calling and coming back to get explanations and cause huge amounts of time wasted simply b/c I'm an arrogant fucking know it all and i live at home with my mom and I'm 43*...

I a perfect world I would be able to lean over the counter and sever his lips from his face...this would cause him pain so he would stop talking for just a second so i could grab his tongue and cut it out to save the world from enduring another moment of this mans annoying fucking nature. THE END

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