Tuesday, January 02, 2007

dumb ass

get ready...im about the call the englishman and tell him we're done...he left me a msg and got all snitty with me...i guess the fact hes called 100x but has left only ONE msg today has pissed him off.

ok crap he didnt answer...so i left him a snotty msg back and now hopefully we can get in a big scrap and thatll be the most fun we have ever had.
honestly...its all just so dreadfully boring and a complete waste of my time i just cant do it anymore...id rather play cards with my kid.

work was the longest 8 hrs ever...my gawd i thought it was 80 hours.

dentist tomorrow is at 230 pm...im hoping ill get swallowed up by a crack in the earth on the way to avoid the whole thing.
thing is the dentist messes with my mouth chi...they always go in there and rattle shit up and then afterwards little things bother me, that didnt b4, that crap makes me insane!
oh well ill just quit being a big baby about it and deal.
ill bring my MP3 player and dope myself up b4 hand....
Do u think thats a bad idea? to take T3's BEFORE i go in?

Mr Good said it out loud....said he is bi polar....way to have balls sir....way to have balls.

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