Saturday, January 06, 2007

I get a fancy scarf soon....

And it seemed like it was going to be a fine day....then the middle shift person called from an airport somewhere ssaying she wasnt gunna be in...this was at 9 am...she was scheduled for 12 pm.
Effin' B.

Then the day went merrily on once i accepted the fact i was working an 11 hr shift.

Then the day got weirder...a different co-worker got hit by a damn car...nothing fatal the schedule is completely FUCKED...i just roll my eyes at it all now...i may as well move a cot in and sleep there for fucks sake.

The ppl downstairs are watching a war/airplane movie....their surround sound is shaking the whole apt. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!? I am surrounded by losers.

So I didnt get to go to Children of Men tonight like I planned....but tomorrow its Borat/Stranger Than Fiction night at the Roxy Theatre of Unearthly Delights.....Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ayla will not stop talking...errr...rather babbling...I wish to poke myself in the ears with burning hot french fries until i cant hear anymore...

OMFG I wish i could bite my nails.
Im in a highly irritated state at the moment...the hum of my computer is pissing me off.

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