Friday, January 05, 2007

where the fuck did I park my boat...?

Ohhhhhh fuck it is WET out was even wet indoors at work today....fucking watercooler took a shit and the whole jugs ended up in the carpet so its like a sloppy a few days the mold spores will grow and we will all dieeeeeeeeee.

Then the rain blew in through a leak in the wall of all places so...tomorrow im bringing water wings...THERE IS AN IMAGE TO BEHOLD!

OMFG the englishman called me at work today. Fuck. He went on and on about how great a time he had xmas day, all I could manage was *well at least u had a good time then*. ha!
I took the bus home it was so rainy and windy out but the short walk fr the bus to home soaked me anyway so....duh
Ayla and her friend are here bugging me with gay music on tv...challenging my authority on REAL MUSIC...rudeness.
Sunday i think me and a few ppl from work are gunna go to the cheap theatre and see STRANGER THAN FICTION and BORAT ha ha haaaaaaaaaa Borat again HA HA HA HA

Im kinda wanting to go see a move sat. night...i will if the weather isnt so extreme. That new one about the world being sterile looks good to me...and Little Children as well cuz i just finished the book.
I have to be up early tomorrow...I guess I should be a good mother and go clean the kitchen and go to bed and leave the ingrates to their own devices....

I promise ill try to be more interesting tomorrow...

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