Monday, January 01, 2007

I wanna kill the kid upstairs whos running around in gawd damn circles

I just watched STEP UP....a cute boy could not save that movie.

Now I have a headache and im cranky and Ayla's having a friend sleep over and that always irritates me more...although less than listening to her fucking whine about how bored she is...
I do recall being bored as a teen but I have alwaus been frighteningly good at occupying myself, even if that meant doing stupid shit like spending HOURS upon HOURS dissecting song lyrics (play rewind play rewind play rewind) and writing them out...I used to have binders FULL of loose leaf paper, each page its own song.
Keep in mind I spent about 80% of all my teen years grounded so I spent a sick amount of time alone in my room...probably not the healthiest thing for someone of my personality but it served me well to a degree...meaning while i have no inclinations to depend on other ppl for my happiness/unhappiness/solace/misery etc...I am fairly solitary...which is good in some ways but not so good in others...b/c im cool with being solo I think I use that to ensure I dont let anyone in my little bubble...hence my spinsterhood future.
If only they knew that rather than grounding me if they took away my stereo they would have had me dancing like a puppet...although I can not imagine the ugly scene that would have caused...truly....

On that upbeat note...
What other things do i hate...hmmmm
-going to the dentist or doctor
-getting weighed
- preteen drama
-being out of ketchup when u are about to eat a ketchup essential food
-when your partners done b4 you and he doesnt seem to care that you arent done
-white boys trying to be gangstas
-girls who dumb themselves down to be what they view as *attractive*
-crappy music
-when i cant find the end of the parcel tape
-looking at a floor that needs to be vacuumed


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