Friday, January 05, 2007

just call me bucky

Funny how the littlest things can drive u completely mad....
Turns out my left front tooth is a HAIR longer than it once was....AND I CAN NOT BITE MY NAILS ANYMORE OR BITE SKIN OFF MY LIP!!!!!!!!!
jesus h christ...i know it is not earth shattering bad news and probably will be a good thing but I feel like i have those fake teeth in and cant do anything...its so weird.

Its friday freakshow day at work...I work til 9 then train someone to open tomorrow...FUN FUN FUN...
im going through a *phase* where I am sooooo not in love with my job right now...I think i need a shake up of staff or something...out with the old, in with the new....hopefully itll pass.

got my new cell phone...thanks aunty pam (smooch)....its funky....cant work it quite yet but it wont take long....i dunno why but i got the MusiquePlus version of the phone, not really knowing what that would mean....hahaha I have all these weird ass french things on my phone.....some are funny, some are gay.

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