Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sniff It Good!

Sometimes I walk past someone who smells of patchouli and I stop and INHALE deeply....

I had a dream about Bryan Adams the other night...NO IDEA where that came from. I blame the canker sore...its making me delerious.

I have today and tomorrow off and my store just got audited and we ROCKED IT....only missed 3 things....which is an improvement over last time...woohoooo

I have laundry on the go....I have been wearing clothes that needed a good washing a week i know...just add more perfume.

Tomorrow im hitting the museum and the imax for the titanic exhibit....I have a boner 4 that...been wanting to go since it got here...

11 40 PM: I was bamboozled by a gay man today....Shawn tricked me into hugging him and then tricked me in to coming to his house and not telling me he was having ppl over for his birthday.
Needless to say I was rather peeved

I didnt stay long...but then I went to play some ghetto badminton with Ardene...and ate some refried beans and came one can out party this hardcore wench.

Im going to bed bc im sure Tracey will be making the museum an 8 hr trek tomorrow hahaha

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