Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Mumbles

BLOGSPOT?!! Why do u not have SPELLCHECK ANYMORE?! What kind of upgrade is it when u remove one of the most important writing tools? Now I am forced to type up my crap in a word doc – which certainly does not guarantee a spelling error feel zone but w/o it its friggin gibberish...I am the typo queen – just yesterday I was typing away to Donna and typed to word SEX when I meant to type SO – not only did it make the sentence nonsensical – it was embarrassingly funny.

It is Friday...sweet boss at work...just me and 1 other person...I am over my job-not-getting-hissiness...thats the 2nd time I have tried for that job and not got it so I think it is safe to say I AM DONE. Moving on...

Tonight is START WITH THE COBRA! OMFG...and THE STOCKERS open...I am stoked...2 great bands in one night...if the band THE ZIP GUNS jammed in between them are good it will be a perfect night! Donna will be in fine form, I am sure of it...I think she is pre-drinking with work ppl beforehand so by the time I meet her downtown I am sure it will make for some funniness.

My mom was recently getting shit talked by some dink-people where she know the type...the ppl who have so little going on in their lives they get an irrational hate on for someone and go around town berating them to anyone who will listen. Being that this was work related my mom decided to take action and talked to a lawyer about a cease and desist letter...I read was good. If I got that letter I’d shut up. HA HA HA Well done Mom...xo!!!!!! Thus far it seems to be proving its self effective!

Other good news...Aunty Pam did the deed and for the sake of her sanity and well being is moving to PR and leaving behind her job. It is kind of a no-brainer...when u are THAT miserable and the only reason you can come up with to keep enduring it is $$$ then well....priorities need to get rearranged and back in order. When she drives us to PR Sept 3rd – that will be her grand exit...Good Bye Nanaimo! Hello Family, Friends and Grandbabies!! Smart! xo

Ayla seems to be surviving...she texted me from a book store yesterday so at least she is using her brain there! I am thinking she doesn’t mind it there so much at all but likes for me to think she’s miserable and dying in order to try and make me feel bad 4 sending her. It’s safe, familiar and restful...I think she needs a bit of distance sometimes...she gets caught up in her little go go go world...I mean I can guarantee u she wouldn’t be reading a book at home right now. I am sure she will tell me how awful it was and whine and try to get me to PAY HER BACK for the suffering but from all accounts she is completely fine. Ahhh my sweet little angel grrl....stop trying to mess with me.

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