Friday, February 11, 2011


Gawd dammit Graeme has found his footing playing Catan and now he can kick my butt if I don't annihilate him early in the game...which makes it a little more fun admittedly.

Trauma averted...somewhat...Ayla will begin driving school classes mid May...until then she has to pay off her ticket and get her learners reissued so she can start practicing to drive...she just got a job at Winners (woohoo) so she is gunna have to start tucking $ away to pay that off in 2.5 mths...the sooner the better...this whole scene has been fugging annoying and I hope out of it at least she has learned something.

Tonight I am going to see INCENDIES via the vic Film Fest and the free passes from Alex and Kelsey (so awesome!) with my co-worker Doris...OOOO LOOK AT ME MIXING WORK AND SOCIALIZING! Truth is its sold out and the only way to go is with passes so seeing as shes the only other human on earth I know that saw the trailer mths ago and was intrigued it seems right she gets to see it too. Sat. there are 2 flicks I wanna and G will go to one and then the 2nd one I will likely go solo cuz I don't think he can sit through 2 movies in 1 day...Sunday he is using the pass to see the PEOPLE VS GEORGE LUCAS with Kelsey and I am gunna be at home making sushi as I offer to make Alex and Kelsey a big sushi feast as their wedding Sunday night is the night. Movies Movies Movies....weeee!