Friday, June 24, 2011

Ahh yes the weekend is here...tonight is sushi night with Lisa and her awesomely entertaining, politically incorrect and fun dad!
Then I must grocery shop...ugh.

Saturday is BBQ day with the Lesbos at Hot Donna’s...Ayla is coming too if she isn’t too hung over ...::eye roll::... 
Sunday is crafty crafter day...I am getting onto making stencils...not lame flowery ones but cool street art ones...I made my 1st jellyfish one the other night and it is was quite time consuming esp having all the wrong materials and equipment BUT somehow quite satisfying when done! My plan is to make little artsy things on cardboard and stick them up around town if they don’t suck. There are some people that do that around town and I take the pieces home and decorate my kitchen with them so it seems only right to make some for other ppl to take home. Plus the possibilities are endless and what better way to send opinions & messages to the strolling public than popping some cool little item up a telephone pole? Some of the stencilling I googled is super EFFING awesome and really impressive to me but I am keeping it small n simple. I feel kinda lame b/c I cannot draw to save my life so I am stealing other ppls stencil templates...hahaha I have a tough enough time looking at a template and trying to work my brain around which part I cut and what part I don’t so trying to draw one from scratch  - at this point – seems unlikely.
How perfectly brilliant that Gordon Campbell was given the sweetest federal gov't job after resigning in shame from his BC Premier position....Not that we ever needed to wonder but it seems awfully apparent why he took the HST bullet now doesn't it? I am sure he was told he would be taken care of and that he is...this province has become such a gawd damn joke its sickening to me.

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