Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Sichooashun

Ignore the appearance of my mother holding a dildo in her lap. I really like this picture.
In my friday night nerdness I opted to look through some old back up discs from 2006 etc...most of them worked, only a few had gone 'bad' and could not be copied is good I had them on disk because a few yrs ago - you may or may not recall - Ayla friggin deleted a WHOLE shitload of my photos "by accident" though I do wonder if she did it on purpose... :\ Anyway...some pics on there I thought were gone forever so it was nice to transfer some back to my PC.

BBQ at Donna's today...Ayla is coming too which is a nice treat...Erin and Amanda (AKA The Lesbos) as well...for Wii, food and hilarity I am sure. Not sunny out but thats isnt raining but it wouldn't matter since Donna's got a massive deck awning anyhow.

Really weird morning...every so often I am struck with the realization that survival is not getting any easier despite years and years of forward moving and strategic planning to lessen financial burdens etc. Being left with 58 cents after all is said and done on paydays is just depressing no matter how I look at it. I have no debt. Rent, regular house bills, groceries, bank fees, fancy car credit card nightmare payments, no furniture payments...this is going to make saving for Cuba next year very difficult. haha I need to come up with a way to make extra $ that is not taxable...and I need to get serious about it. If I plan on having any sort of life once Ayla leaves the nest I have to get on it...


Anonymous said...

you could advertise to give "massages" I'm sure that isn't taxable and they are only massages right?

wtfisaywtf said...

I have a soft spot in my heart for pictures with my folks in it, it brings out things that are better left expressed than locked & tied down. This one is really awesome, though, because it shows both where your smile came from and where it went, so to speak. :p

~Jen~ said...

kelly - ewwwwwww gross ppl only go to those...i dont wanna fondle grossness!

mich - very well said!