Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Ryan McMahon Experience

I have been privy to a lot of live music in my 40 yrs...various genres, time periods and moods. I am a live music connoisseur of sorts...I like what I like and what I don't like offends the shit out of me. I wish I possessed the capability to be outwardly supportive and kind towards music and it's  performers when I am not in love with their music...alas...I suck at diplomacy. I am the Simon Cowell of my own tv show-less realm. I cannot stand shitty or mediocre music - this is because I love music I love so FUCKING intensely that anything short of my ideal is a waste of my gawd damn time and energy.

I see musicians who I know have been doing their thing (aka perfecting their craft) for over a decade and honestly it amazes me that they still are at it when after 10 yrs they are still very mediocre. Mean - I know. I am a mean asshole but when you have seen genuine talent which includes songwriting, singing, playing and stage charisma it is very difficult to feel anything but sorry for performers who will never reach that level despite their best efforts. Some people have it. Some people do not. It IS that simple. It is a package and a half full package just doesn't cut the mustard.

I don't want to spend any of my time fake clapping and bored out of my gawd damn skull seeing performers EXCEPT if it is what I have to do to get a 40 minute Ryan McMahon fix that I have waited a few months for.

The contrast between Ryan McMahon and other acts that I shall specifically not mention for the sake of me trying not to be as much of a mean asshole as I actually obvious. You don't have to be a hardcore like me is just very apparent. I don't understand why at his level he still boggles the mind...but I guess the world is full of artists that never get picked up and shared with the world. A total shame...and the world is lesser for it.

After a long wait last night in a hot venue (though the venue was fantastic for vibe and mood for sure) Ryan played and it was like the last 2+ hrs of my personal suffering (insert Jesus martyr symbolism here) had been erased by that single first note...despite being plagued with professional speed bumps over the last few months - you wouldn't know it. Ryan was his witty, fun self and performed with his usual unfaltering wonderment. The set was short but I didn't even care...from the moment I saw Ryan on a stool playing solo at Steamers almost 9 years ago seeing him perform anywhere at anytime is a gift I have never taken for granted.

Thanks Ryan...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

So, do you like his music then?

It sounds like it was a supreme concert. Great to hear!

~Jen~ said...

Did I swear enough?
The 40 mins he played made up for the 2 hrs of hideousness most certainly.