Monday, November 28, 2011

Yo Stinky!

How can tea taste so good at home but then taste absolutely crap at work? I don’t understand it.
Went and saw “the descendents” on Sat with Lisa...accompanied by some pulled pork goodness (not masturbatory)...the movie was better than the pulled pork this time around...though not something you need to see at the theatre...and so effing sad...rude. The biggest score of the day was the bald baby Jesus and also fancying Ayla up with her winter dinner dress of loveliness. It really is the last time I ever want to be in a GUESS store for the rest of my life’s like being in a fucking disco when they flick all the lights on a 2 am but the music is still blaring loudly. So annoying...anxiety level through the is always nice when your kid is looking at you like you are an alien and cannot understand why you are so on edge...I just said “I was like you....once .” That freaked her out rather appropriately. The dress is lovely though and she is excited to get tarted up on the 8th for the dinner extravaganza!
Sunday I loaned out my couch and TV to Amanda and Erin so they could watch the Grey Cup game while I was out with Donna seeing the new Twilight movie (I know, I know) was as cheesie and terrible as the other surprises there...though we will go next year to watch the final one...I cannot explain my willingness to be fleeced by utter, obvious crappiness. I am a product of my society.
Such a sad week for some friends...2 friends lost their moms which is never an easy thing and then another friend received bad news about his run esp for 1 family. Makes ya sit back and look around at family and count your blessings.
December is turning out to be a bloody money pit...not even for xmas...I have sworn off gift buying aside from for Ayla (and that will involve ZERO frivolity) but this trip to Vancouver and some required new foot ware and Rx purchases are making me grateful I decided to be low key...theoretically the trip to Vancouver should be long as I stay away from stores which will be easy b/c who the eff wants to shop in Vancouver in December and deal with the crowds..NOT I! I have rides lined up so I shouldn’t be raped via transit so ferry both ways, gas $, a few meals...hopefully the Tori Amos swag will suck. Ha!
Matthew Good is TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWW! Holy hump! I have been pouring over youtube vids of this tour and just cannot wait. I am excited to be front row too...unobstructed heads in my pictures...the angle will suck a bit for sure but if I can get a few great close ups I am all good. Please precious baby Jesus of holiness and love – please make MG play While We Were Hunting Rabbits in Victoria so I do not have to cry walking to bus stop to get home think I am being dramatic but I think I might actually fucking cry about it.
THE LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold: JFC...I nearly missed the damn bus this morning with my headphones on, engrossed in this book...then getting all misty on the damn bus reading it...what a shit show in my head...interesting perspective reading about a murdered girl up in heaven looking down and watching her family grieve her...I am seriously only 40 pages in and am completely sucked in. I might be too chicken shit to see the movie once I am done the book b/c if it is even half as emotional thanks.
ADVICE FOR THE TWINKY ON THE BUS: I realize it is tough being kind of regular looking...being unfancy to look at myself I ‘get it’...I understand the use of make up to accentuate features and create a persona of sorts...completely understandable. What I do not get is why the fuck do you need a half bottle of perfume to attract attention to yourself? Especially when you are getting on a small bus at rush hour which is sure to be full creating a hideous choking death for anyone near you? I could taste the floral nightmare of your perfume in my gawd damn mouth...I pity anyone with allergies on the buses you is seriously disgusting...and I am not even particularly sensitive to that sort of thing...even when someone has too much on I usually find female fragrances pleasing to my nose...but this floral assassination was very close to the same smell that emanated from Kitty’s Restaurant washroom...they use this timed floral air freshener in there that is the worst synthetic smell on walk out of the bathroom and the SMELL feels heavy on your clothing...not even’s like a floral toilet bowl chick – please lay off the floral fragrance holocaust and get a piercing or something for attention.

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