Friday, November 25, 2011

I have been revisiting Rain Maida these days...he is always a good revisit.
5 days til Matthew Good...chugga chugga chugga...I can make it.
The rock & roll market at Logan’s last night has some really great items for sale...I bought a few cards I REALLY loved...raven/crow on a rocking love loved it so I bought 5...if you ever receive one it is the highest of honours that I will part with one in your honour so cherish it accordingly. (haha)
Short weekend this weekend but looking at my schedule for the next month I won’t complain...I am off work  Dec 9-19 then Dec 24-27 the Dec 31-Jan 3 – that only leaves 16 work days until the new year. Sweet.
The cat is being a dinkus and terrorizing my peanut reindeer heads off the xmas tree. This annoys me. Cat spittle all over my reindeers. I think I am going to make some more in Dec...flashy ones and one special one for her to hopes she will lv mine alone.
Sat. I have a date with Lisa and we are doing lunch and a George Clooney movie...Sun. I have a date with Donna...we are going to see the new twilight crap movie. I know I know...I am disappointed in myself too but whatever. I am used to disappointing myself with my frivolous tendencies. I watch Y&R everyday for gawds doesn’t get much worse than that...except for maybe Maury Povich and the like. I like that I can feel superior to the daytime talk show watcher ppl.
Holy storm last night...yikes. I am sure Guy’s park is strewn with debris...that’ll keep him busy for a bit.
Ayla is currently emailing me pics of winter grad dinner dresses for a formal-ish school thing that is coming’d think I was in the fashion industry or something...all picky and critical about unflattering styles and colors...ha! So far she has shown me 1 option I really like – its 100 bones though so I am hoping something nice comes up that is cheaper. Ohhhh....she’s distracted and sending me Led Zeppelin sweat shirt pictures now...ha!


Adele said...

Lol! I think I'd opt for the Led Zeppelin wear myself!

Abu Anka said...

My park is strewn with debris..