Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Seeing as I cannot escape summer – YET AGAIN – I will do like last year and make a concentrated effort to be less shitty about it...that of course does not count if it goes over 27 degrees which is about 80 for my American friends....once we are in the 80’s I am fairly unhappy unless I am at home and naked or in a cotton nighty in front of the fan...waiting to die of heatstroke. BUT – until then...what the hell...I can’t kill the sun so I may as well enjoy the evil wench for 3 mins at a time. Being less negative is my new mandate...wish me luck (I mean that NON-sarcastically of course).
I started walking part way to work again...not because I enjoy being sweaty 1st thing in the morning or enjoy the urban outdoors...but b/c it is rather obvious I will be a dbl leg amputee if I do not MOVE...and keep moving....being gargantuan is annoying...and when Connie is here in August and we go exploring Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew I would prefer it if I did not drop dead of a fucking heart attack at her feet.
I am looking fwd to our visit a fair bit...she is coming Aug 2...so we have the 3rd-7th to hang out...no kids...no obligations....nothing....it will be the only time since we were teenagers that we have done this...I booked us a room for a night in Port Renfrew so we can beach explore....and stay the night...other than that we are free agents...we will visit a pub or 2....hang at home and cook...eat some good food...visit other beaches around Victoria...it is going to be AWESOME!
Concerts this summer are all organized and set...June 1 is Henry Rollins...1st week in July is Bill Maher...July 13 is Tragically Hip/Sam Roberts/Current Swell/Jets Overhead...I am tapped...I hope no one else comes over this way. Tere is coming over the 1st weekend in March...I have organized it with Sarah the Crafting Goddess to make Tere’s 2 memorial quilts out of Taylor’s clothes...one is for her and one for Taylor’s dad. Such a sweet gift...and possession really...I feel surrounded by death – have felt this way for a long time...I seem to have a busted filter for screening the realities of life out in that regard...I think most ppl can go about their business not thinking/obsessing over death all around them...I cannot seem to shake it. Probably doesn’t help that I am an obsessive lunatic.

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