Monday, September 24, 2012

Germaphobic Agoraphobe

I am alive.

Common colds are seeming far more crippling than they ever have before...I attribute this to aging. I am starting to understand why old people do anything to avoid germs and sickness...I just lost 6 days of my life...for a stupid cold. Rude.

Tonight I start the training for the volunteer work I am signed up for a local women's crisis line...its every Monday night from now til mid January. I am expecting this to be quite an interesting experience.

Today was Ayla's 1st day at her new/temp gov't job. She did not call me crying today so that's good - ha! Really hoping it leads into a longer position or something else that is permanent. This hiring freeze may be a bit of a hindrance though...fingers crossed.

I really feel the urge to blather on about some serious stuff but I am lacking time, spirit and focus...May be tomorrow....

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

That cold really did a number on you! Are you sure it wasn't bubonic plague? Glad to hear that you survived though!