Thursday, January 10, 2013

I just ain't got nothing to say, yo!

All I can say about this day is that THANK YOU LORD BABY JESUS IN A HALTER TOP that the killer whales trapped in the Hudson Bay ice made their way out b/c that whole scene was freaking me out...I was actually considering avoiding my lunch time news reading b/c I just did not want to read about a negative outcome...thankfully the beauties made their way. Yes! ::happy flailing::

Very sad to hear that my sister and her partner Rob are parting ways...I really really adore him and loved them as a couple. New start for Kimmy coming up...she will make it through this and find her way without a doubt...don't know where she will land yet but wherever it is I am sure she will make it home.

Very busy this month with volunteering and such...should level out in Feb. when training is finally has been a longggggg haul since Sept. Feels more like 5 yrs than 5 mths. I nearly quit about 100x. ha ha ha Not even kidding...pretty intense stuff.

I just read this and LOVED it. It was well written and the fashion in which it was written made it a very engrossing book. They took turns talking about things throughout the book...sometimes the same topic so it was cool to read the their opinions back to back...felt like a conversation sort of. Love Ann Wilson even more now...reading about her love of music as a kid and how seriously she took amazing. My favorites were the parts where they talked about writing songs...specifically Dreamboat Annie songs. Great read.

I am now reading Damien Echols book which is a bit of weirdness... 18 yrs in jail on death row (West Memphis Three jailed for the murders of 3 young boys) for being railroaded is pretty heavy reading but even though he has been set free there are lingering curiosities about it all. No idea how I will feel about it all by the end of the book.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I heard Damien Echols on the radio the other day and was taken with how thoughtful and well-spoken he was.

~Jen~ said...

Yes true...he is pretty well read and mindful etc. Apparently he leaves out any explanation of his terrible behavior during trial...which is a bit curious...and makes no mention of his 3 stays in psychiatric hospitals prior to the crime which is why some ppl harbor hostility twds him even if they recognize he is not guilty...knowing what I know about how some antidepressants affect ppls behavior it could quite easily have been whatever drugs they were making him take or drugs he was not taking etc but not a mention of it..........with so much other openness...