Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My lovely Deanna...

I write this with tears running down my lovely friend Deanna died this morning and I have just gotten home from work and can finally lose myself in the utter sadness of her being gone.

It seems so fucking unfair - knowing her heart like I did - to know she is gone and did not get to finish things she had been working so hard towards.

To most anyone who knew her she was a selfless, kind, generous, funny and lovely human. Beautiful soul. The last few years were rough for her...she was dealing with a lot of personal issues and going through a transformation of sorts....a transformation that was confusing and not near complete. I am sad for her that she won't get to enjoy a little inner peace that comes from getting to "that" place at the end of a long, hard journey.

Deanna was an amazing mother to her daughter Jordyn - her demeanor and kind nature were something I always aspired to and failed miserably at. Deanna was so completely dedicated doing the best for Jordyn and sacrificing so much to ensure Jordyn grew into a mature, well adjusted young lady - it saddens me to think of all that Deanna will miss out on...and in turn the massive void left for Jordyn and Deanna's husband Mike to try to live with.

This was so not part of the many things left unsaid and unexplored in life...

So many wonderful memories of her astounding friendship...not many ppl will drop everything and take 2 ferries to rescue a friend after the US border cops refuse your friend entry to the USA and then drive that friend (me!) 3 hours across the border to ensure your holiday plans are not ruined....and without even being asked. I will miss her terribly.

My heart goes out to Jordyn, her husband Mike, niece Kori and Jeff, who she took in and cared for when he needed it most - and the rest of her family and friends who will surely feel the this loss for years to come...RIP Deanna xo

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am so sorry, Jen. Deanna was obviously a warm and caring person and a wonderful friend. My heart goes out to all who loved her.