Sunday, March 17, 2013


Ok I am starting to settle down a bit....watching A. make such good choices in her travel planning makes me feel better....she has changed her plan from a bus to her friends on the coast of Ecuador and instead will fly cutting a 12 hr bus ride alone down to a 45 min plane ride where her friends will meet her at the airport. Was not in love with that bus has been fun looking at hostels online and just watching her use her noodle to be efficient and thorough. I am not in love with the fact once she meets up with her friends the itinerary gets a big in there is no real plan...just to make their way down along the coast into Peru and then go to Machu Picchu (so jealous!) and then they all fly out together May 22 home...she can only be in touch if she calls or has she is essentially unreachable which know...ugh! If I let myself think of all the horrible what ifs I will go bat shit crazy so for once in my life I am going to work hard at trying to maintain a positive outlook and just be happy that she has made such an amazing opportunity for herself.

She is SO excited...and so brave...she impresses the shit out of me.

Went and saw "Oz The Great and Powerful" is was okay...loved the look and vibe...loved the acting but the movie itself was kind of lackluster...was kind of surprised.

Never cut up a jalapeno and then eat grapes with the same hand....last time I cut up a jalapeno I friggin burned out my'd think I would learn but no....instead I burned half my mouth off and half my face looked like I had Angelina Jolie lips...which I can assure you is not ok.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

A is such a seasoned traveller! And of course, this is the right time of life to set out on those kinds of adventures. She'll be fine, YOU will be fine!

~Jen~ said...

Keep telling me this stuff barb...over and over for the next 2 mths please :)