Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ecuador/Peru Mom Nightmare

Travel plans are fast and furious...vaccination clinic has poked and prescribed all the drugs they can for A...malaria pills, typhoid vaccine, yellow fever vaccine, altitude sickness pills, Rx anti poop your pants pills, antibiotics 'just in case'. Fuck. Gets harder to put on a happy face with details like that...what I would not do right now to be one of those ppl that goes through life not worrying about stuff that hasn't is a sick place - my mind right is unfortunate I am not an actress b/c at any given moment I can produce hysterical, tear squishing out of my head crying complete with sobbing and a really ugly cry face to go with it - ON DEMAND!...I am hoping when the PMS passes in 4-5 days I will be a little less likely to end up at the Eric Martin Pavilion (aka mental hospital)...

A. is chomping at the bit to get outta dodge so in a mere 10 days as Lisa and I drive her to the ferry to send her off she will be skipping and joyous will I jam more Ativan down my yap. Fun always...A goes off on an adventure (which logically I am excited about) and I will spend 2 months running worst (or is it worse?) case scenarios through my head...a basket case...shitting myself whenever the phone rings scared it will be the Canadian Consulate in Ecuador or Peru calling to inform me that my kid was murdered by Ecuadorian bandits or killed in a massive flood. I am not kidding when I say this is all I think about...I deserve a medal for smiling at all this week.

On a positive note...Kim likes her job and seems to be fitting in well...and as much as I detest exercise I am still hitting the Y three times a week...when A is away I may be going more as a distractionary measure.

So..yeah there is a new Pope. What the hell is with all this coverage...I don't recall this level of interest when the last one - who always looked like a little evil Nazi to me - got the job. I am tired of hearing about it, how great this one will be...the hope he offers so many...he is how awesome can he possibly be?

BLACK RIBBONS...reminds me of 80's music....which is why I like it I guess..."Teardrops" super 80's awesome.

A. just raided my sock drawer for thick socks. She is so cute...I am pretty impressed with how thorough she is being preparing for this trip.....doing it all herself...she is on top of shit as far as I can tell.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh man, two months! I hope she texts you every couple of days so that you know she is alive. But I am sure it will be an amazing trip.

~Jen~ said...

fuck...I am going to have to really be mindful to not overreact and panic when days go by without any word....why do I always assume the fucking worst? how did I end up this person? I annoy myself.