Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Germ Warfare

I think Kim brought home kid germs from work. She is not feeling well and I feel I am on my way to not feeling well either. I bucked up for some Vitamin C horse pills and am gobbling echinacea today...hoping for a miracle from the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster in the sky.

Watched a really interesting doc on Netflix last night - HUNGRY FOR CHANGE.  It is interesting to be mindful of the changes in what dietary info we have been fed throughout our lives. The 80's being particularly cruel...the FAT FREE GENERATION is as fat as fuck and that is b/c fat is actually your friend far more than carbs/sugars are. The doc didn't offer much new info but it is all presented in a way that is much more empathetic - I really loved how it made it very clear that an unhealthy body clouds the mind and affects everything in your life (energy levels, concentration/brain function, outlook and mood, sleep, anxiety etc)...stressing that we are programmed to eat food rich in fat and sugar (calories) to save for the famine that might be around the
 corner from days gone body is particularly efficient in this famine preparation...but in just a week that I have been tracking my food on an app on my phone that does all the math etc it is VERY apparent how I ended up goal calories per day is 1500.00 this makes for reasonable and modest meal requirements and healthy snacks...eating a cup cake or a pizza would make the app crash I am sure. The beauty is 1 hour or cardio at my weight burns 600 instead of letting myself eat some heinously tasty food I am banking that at weeks end hopefully I have a deficit in calories thus some fat has been burned off.

Sorry but you are stuck reading my musing about all of this b/c it is just where I am at and I need to talk this shit out to get a real grip on someone who should probably start a chapter of Overeaters Anonymous in her living room this eating and exercising is a complete mindfuck. It is apparent that avoiding bread/wheat/potato/sugar is the key to my success...not surprisingly everyone one of those items is my favorite. ha! I just made a cup of tea with 1 tsp of honey rather than a tablespoon. It tastes like shit....and next time i will not bothering to use any honey b/c really...why bother? I am hoping eventually a cup of unsweetened tea and milk will bring me the same satisfaction of a sweet cup of tea does...and no i will not drink herbal tea - I hate herbal tea. Hot water with a smell FRAUD!!!!

Making this my new mantra.

Great chat with A. yesterday....she is so funny. She is loving her life right now and enjoying her trip so much....I think the dread is creeping in about the fact she has to come home in  under a month...I love how independent she is...fearless and relaxed. I hope she stays relaxed as she gets older and life gets more complicated.
I sure do miss her though... ::blink blink:: ::tear tear::


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am going to steal your new mantra for myself! Just saying it to myself makes me realise what a difference it makes to my mindset (which hopefully translates into my choices). Good luck to both of us!

~Jen~ said...

I am terrible with positive affirmations....I think I roll my eyes when I say them to myself.