Monday, May 06, 2013

Another week begins...

Monday...again which for me means it is my day at the Transition House. So far this volunteering gig has
been pretty low key and underwhelming - which is don't want to WISH for a busier crisis line b/c that means ppl are in crisis. A no phone call day is a bit of a victory of sorts.

It is too effing hot out for me already the 1st week of May...the house felt like July/August yesterday...most unpleasant. Pretty sure it was hotter inside than outside though due to the lack of breeze.

Miss A. is on her way to Montanita, Ecuador today from Banos...with only 16 days left on her trip they want to get in some beach/surf time before they head back up to Quito to fly home May 22. I really loved video chatting her was good to see her tanned, healthy looking self and she always makes me laugh...she gave me a heads up she is dying to eat some meat so I will have to stock up!

Maggie and Family are coming this week - meaning Maggie will be here for her birthday (Saturday) which is pretty fun...I will be making a few cakes this for Maggie and one for Lisa b/c her birthday is on Friday. Will be good to see Baby Riley again...he is getting big!

OMG so was too hot yesterday...fried all my brain cells.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sounds like A is really making the most of her trip. She is going to cherish that beach time!
Funny, mine always wants meat when she comes home too.