Monday, May 20, 2013

Canadian Soil

So excited for A. to be back on Canadian soil Thurs May 23...serious level of relief to be expected...sounds like she is ready to be back in her homeland among English speaking folk...says it is very difficult to be in places where you do not speak the language...especially when you really wanna tell someone your opinion and you can't ha ha ha

I had to rearrange my room again...It took all damn day but I think I can leave it like this now for a long while. I have a bit of a problem with rearranging furniture...but am very limited due to this shit apartments lack of electrical outlets and not be surprised if you hear I died in an electrical fire some day. (That is foreshadowing right there people!)

Been very busy this week at work....I blame the Mexicans. The Mexican Consulate changed some rules for their document legalization process which means I am being bombarded by everyone in BC who needs documents authenticated for the consulate all at is cutting into my chill time and relaxation at work quite a bit...but the days ZOOM by which is nice.

I have to say that since this move to the new bldg the interaction with lawyers on a supervisory level has been most interesting and frustrating. Things I have learned about lawyers since Dec 2012:

*sometimes they are slow talkers and you want to stab them during conversations
*they like to fuck shit up...shit that has been going along nicely for years (efficiently and practical) suddenly gets questioned by lawyers and they are trying to change it to a way it was done yearssssss ago that was not efficient or practical which is why it was streamlined to how it is today in the 1st place...
*while some are hoytee toytee some are so completely socially retarded it even makes me giggle b/c they make me look like a smooth mthrfckn female version of Frank Sinatra...I shit you not.

That's all I have got so far.

July is a busy month this year...(get ready to throw up Chris Bellman)....Nazareth/Headpins concert...Pat Benatar concert...Platinum Blonde concert. No not together....all separate shows within 1 week of each other. That is a buttload of 80's cheese and awesomeness.
I am hoping no more concerts happen b/c I am saving for Vegas with Aunty Pam in October. I have the Cirque du Soleil show picked out that I will get tickets for  (Mystere) and one other show that looks naughty and awesome...


If all goes well then I think I will make plans to venture on a trip with Cathy b/c she has been talking about us taking a trip somewhere for a long time....maybe San Fran to see Alcatrazzzzzz!!! I would love that!

Had a very nice visit with Jim, Maggie, David and the boys last week...I got to hang out with Riley for the afternoon while Mags went shopping on her birthday...Sidney opted to shop with them so it was just Riley and I....he slept for a few hours but when he woke up he was happy and cute and gobbled up all the pumped milk Mags left...she got back in perfect time....he hadn't gone sour on me and cried which would have traumatized me HA!! We got to do some swimming at the Parkside which is frigging awesome and hoytee...great pool and hotel.

Today Kim and I are doing the obligatory gym visit (no idea if it is obligatory for her but it is for me) and then going to see a movie is a long weekend of gloriousness - whatever Victoria Day is I have no it about an old queen? Seriously I should Google clearly...ok Queen Victoria's Birthday....okay well as much as I feel royalty is a farce I will take your day off with pay Ms Dead Queen of England and rejoice in it...your death and my day off with pay.

We are going to see is getting fantastic reviews so....we are foregoing the well known Great Gatsby and Iron Man for a little unknown film. Doesn't look like a life-changer but it looks like good escapism...I hope I can forget Matthew McConaughey's role in Magic Mike though....could prove distracting.

I would add photos but as per usual Blogger isn't uploading pictures...POS.


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