Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Turkeys with Little Pilgrim Hats

Oh look at that...looks like Vegas Oct 13-17 trumps Thanksgiving. A is livid (in her pretend way) that I am away for Thanksgiving...I did not even realize until Shawn said he was coming to visit that weekend...I will be sure to eat something resembling turkey in Vegas.
Booked our room last night at New York New York. Agonizing trying to choose and then keep it all straight...location is the key as well as 4 stars and up for this hoytee wench...

Going to work late today...bad intestines could take over the world. It is gloriously pissing rain...which makes me want to dance! Such a nice relief...still warm out but no sun beating on you which is nice.

Not a bad view from the ghetto....

Beverly Hillbillies-esque pushing this down the hall to get it out of my house and into the thrift store!

Dallas Rd...such a great spot.

The Ross Bay Pub lunch of awesomeness...a giant yorkshire stuffed with mashed potato, roast beef, gravy and vegs.

Love that time of day when the sun is done raping my apartment windows

the new desk chair is awesome and now I can have a dance party in the living room after rearranging and turfing some stuff....ok I wouldn't ever have a dance party but you know what I mean.

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