Tuesday, October 01, 2013


43 is not so bad...no worse than 42 really and certainly better than 44.

Birthday plans are simple...work, free lunch with the work gals...leave a bit early and meet my sister and Esther to go see Metallica Through the Never in IMAX 3D [ http://www.throughthenevermovie.com/ ]...home and bed. The End. Such glamour. The fact I am going out after work on a work night is rather serious for me.

Breaking Bad (SPOILER ALERT):that was a pretty damn good finale for a series...Creeper Todd got what was coming to him...Lydia and the stevia/ricin (sp?) bahahah awesome...b-bye white supremacy assholes (trunk gun = AWESOME!)...the ex partners got mind-fucked in epic fashion, Walt tied up all the loose ends giving his wife the dead body coordinates and then set Pinkman free and went to die in the meth lab....serious closure! Kind of relieved it is over...too damn intense. I am still bitter about the finale of The Black Donnellys years ago...I assume they did not know they were not being renewed after 1 season b/c the season finale was one giant WHAT IF at the end....soooo maddening.

I am so terribly tired right now that I feel I may perish before the movie. Never eat cake for breakfast with T3's. Terrible combo. Another lesson learned in my 40's.


Adele said...

T3s and cake...You're off to a mellow start! This could be a good thing! Have a happy birthday buddy!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope it was a lovely birthday! You are a real champ if you can manage work, T3s and going out all in one day. You are getting more awesome every year.

~Jen~ said...

T3s are way stronger in the AM then they are a night so I will NOT do that ever again hahaha