Friday, February 28, 2014

All they want is absolute control, no ifs or buts, just your body, your soul...

So...I finally bought some wireless headphones (nothing fancy)...naturally, I am too inept to get them configured to work so I can watch TV with them on...BUT one perk is they come with a wire so you can use them as plug in headphones as well and let me tell you they sound divine plugged into my computer I am curious what a 200.00 pair sound like...!!!
I will get them working for the TV tomorrow...I am too tired and cross-eyed tonight to even read the damn instructions properly. In the is music time!

My house is a wreck. I blame Dexter Morgan. I am chatting with Miss A right funny. She is the worst chat communicator. I never know wtf she is saying half the time with that young kid text slang...she is still waffling about the elephants...nice park or not she says she would be just as happy to feed an elephant a banana than ride one...I told her to stick to her guns then b/c once you do it you can't go back and you are just a shitty tourist like the rest afterwards ha!

The Ginger Beard Syndrome: I saw it in action know dudes with brown hair but their beards grow in I see one today at the bus stop...sneak a snapchat it and send it with some stupid nonsensical commentary...then I look at it later and JFC...dude had a ginger beard alright...but he also had
on flood pants and 2 different color socks and ugly ass shoes. BLINDED BY THE GINGER BEARD...dangerous.

Ryan McMahon House Concert: Was very good...Kim's basement had good vibe...small crowd made it pleasantly intimate...he sounded good as per usual and it was nice having newbs on the scene (Doris from work with her friend, Esther and Kate plus Kelly and Mel came from PR)...Ryan made some solid fans that night. When he told the story about Megan McNeil and sang Wake Up it was a real tearjerker...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

HA! "blinded by the ginger beard!" Best ever.