Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Chocolate Egg Weekend

Easter Schmeaster....this is all about chocolate. Do not be fooled by religious zealots trying to convince you otherwise, zombie Jesus and all those shenanigans...oh and it is all about cute kids getting cute bunnies...I was really hoping Sidney would name his Alfalfa since Madelyn named hers Clover but he decided to call his girl bunny Jimmy instead hahaha

So frigging cute.

Miss A is is Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City to be exact. iPod was stolen in Phuket, Thailand so I am pretty sure she is dying without music. I know I would be crushed and shaking over traveling without music...and seeing as she feels the same way about music as I do I think she will be getting one shortly. I recommended ditching the iPod BS and getting a tablet of some sort. Hoping she follows through since I will be paying for it until the insurance $ comes through (though there is a pretty good chance that will possibly go sideways - whatever) - girl needs music and wifi. Cannot wait for them to get to Australia..seriously...sick of this sketchy bullshit. It has been almost 3 mths...I will foolishly feel better once she is somewhere 1st world.

Shawn is around this weekend...I will be forced to wear pants but that is ok...I will live. Hoping for a dinner/game night Monday night before he leaves Tuesday.

For now....I must go putter.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those bunnies are super cute, but I don't envy having to deal with two rabbits once the Easter excitement has died down.

~Jen~ said...

Well...Madelyn lives on a farm so that shouldn't be a big deal...they have chickens and dogs and a cat already etc...Sidney's is in a cage in the basement....and if it starts to be a pain it could go live at Madelyn's so that is a good option as well hahah