Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wide awake at 4 am....

Why not? 2 hours ahead of a proper work wake up time...what could go wrong...?

Kim - TC10K 1 hour 8 mins
Just had Pam & Jim here for the weekend, always fun. Pam never stops singing or delighting us with her enormous amount of gas. It really is phenomenal. I have no idea how 1 person produces so much excess gas...I almost feel like she has a defective valve that the rest of us have. Though she at least is all hot air while Jim drops bombs that you taste for an hour afterwards so...take your pick. haha

Kim ran the Times Colonist 10K Marathon this weekend and kicked its butt pretty awesomely...1 hour and 8 mins....pretty good! She is rather proud of herself and is not too crippled either...great prep for her 40K marathon in a few months from Tofino to Ucluelet. Scary business, that one!

Miss A and Jaime, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Miss A is enjoying Vietnam much more than her travels though Cambodia so that is good...they went to this fantastic water resort the other day: VINPEARL 27.00 for the day included EVERYTHING. Fun!

Connie is waiting to hear if she got a job in Campbell River so her and her family can pick up and leave Red Deer and move to the island...crossing my fingers!! Would love having them closer even if it is shitty CR and 4 hours away by car...beats the shit out of Red Deer, a million and 3 miles away.

I am teetering on the edge of insanity at the moment, hormones are a delicate matter...I have a full on rant that I have been wanting to spew forth for some time but just cannot muster up the effort and in all honesty....some things are just not worth the energy it takes to spew them forth. It is disheartening that even into your 40's people can be such disappointing creatures...just when you think you finally have a circle of the right people the ol' monkey wrench gets tossed into the mix and you are left reeling over the complete and utter degree of asshole dysfunction some ppl practice in life. On the upside...these moments remind you who you can count on in life and the importance of nurturing familial and friend relations. I am pretty fortunate.

Hearing Ryan McMahon's "I'll Be Damned" song on Californication S07E03 was AWESOME. Seriously amazing use of that song....I sure hope it gets him some extra exposure he deserves.
Listen here: I'll Be Damned


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am sure that you will be thrilled to know that women in particular become more gassy as they age. Such fun!

~Jen~ said...

hot flashes and farting...awesome.