Sunday, December 09, 2012

Impending Doom

OK....well we have both survived 5 days of post wisdom teeth extraction...don't know if she can go to work tomorrow or not but the swelling has gone down some even though the pain level hasn't changed much...the percocets are pretty strong but she still can't make the 4 hour mark without the pain taking over and suffering for that last 1.5 hrs. Really hoping tomorrow is a bit better...she did not like the percocets at 1st but has warmed up to them a bit b/c they are much more effective than T3s. Will be glad when she sees the dentist Wed morning and has it all checked out. Hopefully she can open her mouth by then b/c she can't now hahhaa

Back to work tomorrow...not gunna lie...dreading the shit out of it. This whole week really...I will have a bunch of catch up to do which I don't mind...I love to be busy at work but WE MOVE THIS FRIDAY and as far as I can tell no real packing has started b/c we got boxes so late so I dunno how packing up the whole office is gunna work this week on top of being busy. Not in love with this move at all...NOT looking fwd to it in the slightest...I don't think I realized - even despite detesting the bldg we are in - how partial I was to a small, 4 person office situation...the thought of being back on a floor full of people and the inevitable social bullshit & politics and 'THE ASSHOLE' who I dread seeing daily...well - not in love, not in love at all.

Have a told you about the asshole? She is a prize...I have met her a few times in person at different work functions but her main assholeness is via email...she is such a condescending twat to me for no real reason (I am not singled out - she is an equal opportunity asshole to most ppl) part of me looks fwd to fucking with her a little and another part of me dreads the reality that her fucking face is going to be a daily horror for me. This is what I hate about work can't go grade 9 bully on people without getting in shit even if they earn every penny of it. This means I am forced to use the ~dark ways~ to cause the asshole some discomfort...which is ok but I would rather channel my genius for more positive purposes. Mindfuckery is a hard job even when you are good at it.

The tree is up...the lights are looks very festive here. Our wee tree just fits all my favorite things but I do think I want a bigger one next year. Maybe after xmas I will score one for cheap in preparation.

Love these skull lights!
These bacon and egg decorations are the cutest things ever...

Had to make a Mr Poo decoration of course...

The Blow Job Mermaid decoration...

New pickle from Ayla's talks...haha Super cute.

Awww Grandad...xo

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your tree looks amazing! Hopefully it gives Ayla something pretty and twinkly to look at while she is percoceting.

Good luck with the new work environment!