Saturday, January 11, 2014

A series...

I am going to do a series of posts that reflect the all the positive attributes of certain ppl I give a shit know...dedicate a post to one person and just say why I think they are great. I thought that would be really positive and you know I am trying to be more positive this year. I am positive being positive will be positive although positively difficult at least 1 week of the month.

There will be no rhyme or reason to who I write will be strictly on a whim and completely spontaneous...gotta be in the zone for such writing.

Today was shitty headache day though I did make a tasty meal for me and the kidlet...Mary should be here soon after a longgggg day at the hospital with Kori...I took him dinner the other night and also to check out his new digs. He is on the rehab floor now and wow - what a change in vibe. The 6th floor neuroscience nurses were really, really friendly and nice, warm nurses - not so much. Quite cold actually, felt the chill the moment I walked in there. It was later verified after seeming some interactions. Different vibe on the ward as well - I mean you have 20 ppl there who are brain damaged in some way, most have mobility issues too so it is a sad sight indeed, many sad stories. Car accidents, a teen hit by a drunk driver, strokes, other random head injuries...It was very apparent to me after Kori introduced a few that he fared EXTREMELY well as far as brain damage goes...while he is not going to be without long lasting effects he maintained his speech, personality etc and that is huge. Physically, he has a ways to go but he is making great progress, took a few steps unassisted even...this is so good to hear...I love it.

Going to have a mini birthday for A. before she leaves this month since she will be gone for her birthday. 20 years old...she exclaimed proudly last night that she was never going to be a stupid teen mom hahahha I had to laugh - she has maintained all along that she was NEVER going to be a teen mom she feels like a total victor! I sure will miss her sense of humor.

I can see why she wants to go to Thailand.
She has way too much time on her hands right now...she is over thinking the trip...worried about the Bangkok election protests and violence that is happening already. The election is Feb 2...poor planning on their part for not looking into that ahead of time...lesson learned. They will likely leave Bangkok soon after arriving and visit it later once things are a bit more settled post-election. We talked with Joel last night at Tracey's - he is from Thailand, he had a lot of good advice and info to share about places to see and avoid, etc. So nice to spend time with Tracey, Adrienne, Joel and Ashley...Seeing Ashley all grown up (she used to babysit A. - so cute) and watching the pleasant dynamic between the 4 of is really nice. I look fwd to Ash moving back to Victoria once her and Joel decide to have babies etc.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

How messed up is it that rehab, where people are obviously going to be spending a lot more time, has such an uncomfortable vibe? I'm really glad to hear that your friend is doing relatively well. Sending continued healing thoughts, as well as good wishes to a and you on her impending trip.

~Jen~ said...

Mary and I were pondering it....perhaps their agenda to get ppl as independent as possible is easier if they are not overly warm...not wanting ppl to get comfortable there...or feeling like its ok to ask for help with things they should do on their own etc...very strange.

Maureen said...

I love that! When I grow up I don't want to be......a teen mom ;)