Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bangkok Mall Sushi

Trying to get used to my empty house...was thinking about it today...why I am so emotional about this and aside from raging PMS I think it is b/c this trip has no end date so it feels different...real. Real empty nest...permanent...not down the is weird to not think about what she needs...what I should get her for groceries...what I can pick her up at the drug store - that is 20 years of conditioning to try and stifle.

It is terrible to come home knowing she is not here is always dark...I did not see this coming...I have always enjoyed alone time, being solo...but this feels like less of a treat. I will be fine of course. I just need to get used to it and I am pretty adaptable for a neurotic being. There are personal positives of course but man oh man...I am missing her. I look fwd to not falling apart every time I unlock my fucking door...

I found a mini-liquor cabinet in A's room and I am gunna drink all the Kahlua...yeah I am THAT hardcore that I enjoy a brown cow just like my mom does..ha!

Was happy to hear from A. today...they got up and hit the mall in Bangkok for sushi...haha They fly out to Ko Samui tomorrow...At some point I will relax a bit and stop thinking about her every move...right? Right?

I must go pack for Powell River - leaving tomorrow...and make sure all my stuff is done b/c I am leaving from work with Sarah for a mini road trip.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

A mini road trip is a really good idea right now. And then when you get back, hopefully, your place will feel more like yours again.